The Knoxville Museum of Art

Where art meets interactive fun

You don’t have to be a high-brow art enthusiast to enjoy what the Knoxville Museum of Art has to offer. There are so many different exhibits that you’re bound to find something that will leave you smiling! This museum is full of surprises, from paintings by Picasso and Monet to interactive exhibits where kids can play dress-up with their favorite historical figures. Even if you’ve been there before, it’s worth another visit – you never know what new gem you’ll find next time!

The History of The Museum

The Knoxville Museum of Art, or KMA, is a museum of art in Knoxville, Tennessee. It was founded in 1990 by merging the Dulin Gallery of Art and the city’s extensive art collection. The KMA is housed in a downtown building designed by noted architect Edward Larrabee Barnes. There are over 10,000 pieces at the museum.

Why Should You Visit KMA

Aside from offering an extensive exhibition, the KMA provides many programs and classes for children, teens, and adults. It also has two residency opportunities. The first is the Knoxville Artist Residency Program (KARP), which gives artists a chance to showcase their work at the museum. The second is the Research & Collections Internship, where interns assist with KMA’s collections management and research projects.

If your looking for outside entertainment, make sure to visit Zoo Knoxville.

How to Get to Knoxville Museum of Art

The museum is located at 1050 World’s fair park drive, Knoxville, Tennessee.

It is within walking distance from the Central Veterinary Hospital. From there, head northeast on Clinch Ave toward 12th St, then turn left onto World’s Fair Park Dr.

Or, if you wish to visit the museum after spending the morning at Zoo Knoxville, get on I-40 W from Knoxville Zoo Dr, follow I-40 W to Ailor Ave. Take exit 387 from I-40 W, then take Western Ave to Worlds Fair Park Dr.


The Knoxville Museum of Arts has something for everyone—from modern installations by contemporary artists to ancient artifacts from around the world; there’s plenty to see and do at this thriving cultural hub! So if you’re looking for ways to spend an afternoon learning about art, playing interactive games, and visiting a museum that’s unlike any other in the country—the Knoxville Museum of Art should definitely be on your list!

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