Blount Mansion

Visit Knoxville’s Oldest Operating Museum

Blount Mansion is a dwelling located in Knoxville, TN, which is managed by the Blount Mansion Association. The association is a nonprofit that aims to preserve Blount Mansion National Historic Landmark. 

The mansion served as the residence for William Blount, the first and only governor of the Southwest Territory. It was also used for the state legislative body to meet. As a signer of the United States Constitution, William Blount played a crucial role in Tennessee becoming the sixteenth state.

History of Blount Mansion

Following the signing of The treaty of the Holston, which happened a few hundred yards from where the Mansion was situated, William Blount decided to have his residence in Knoxville. 

The care that went into building Blount Mansion, as well as its size and shape, show how prestigious William Blount was as a Territorial Governor. 

William lived at the Mansion with his big family, including his daughter Barbara. She was the first female student at the college that would later become the University of Tennessee.

By 1925, Blount Mansion was in a deplorable state of repair. Work had begun on a downtown renovation project just a few blocks away from the Mansion site. 

Blount Mansion was earmarked for demolition to make space for hotel parking. However, local figures such as Dr. James Hoskins and Miss Mary Boyce Temple made a collective effort to save the Mansion. The Knoxville and Tennessee governments later gave the Mansion a significant renovation. In 1966, the Mansion was opened to the public as a museum and visitors center.

Visiting The Mansion

Blount Mansion is located at 200 W Hill Ave, Knoxville, TN 37902.

The Mansion is only 7 minutes walk from The East Tennessee Historical Society. Head southeast on S Gay St toward W Church Ave, then turn left onto W Hill Ave. You will be able to see Blount Mansion on your right.

Blount Mansion is also just 1.3 miles away from the McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture, making it a perfect combination for a great day out in Knoxville! 


Blount Mansion is a significant piece of Knoxville’s history. Whether you want to host an event in a unique building, visit an interesting museum, or enjoy a beautiful public garden, Blount Mansion in Knoxville, Tennessee, is the place to go!

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