The cons of clutter?

We love helping our customers clean up their property. Everyone talks about a clean house but what are the affects of having a house, garage, or business that is full of clutter?

  • Clutter leads to stress
  • Other health issues
  • Less efficient and productive

Clutter Leads to Stress

We have all been there. You look around your house and see all the stuff you have and you feel the tension in your body. You have to pick it up, find a place for it, spend time cleaning it, maintenance, fixing it if it breaks, or worse yet having a broken item take up space in your yard or house for no reason. The world is crazy enough, your house should be a place you can relax and re-charge. Not increase your stress and make you feel overwhelmed.

A 2009 research project done here in the US found that the stress level hormone cortisol was higher particularly in women who came from a cluttered home environment. Having a house that is constantly cluttered can lead to constant low-grade fight or flight response. This can have a detrimental affect on how our bodies processes things. For instance how you fight off colds and digest food.

Other Health Issues

It sounds crazy but having a extremely cluttered house can actually lead to gaining more weight. According to a couple studies, residents of extremely cluttered houses are 77% more likely to be over weight.

The other study pointed out that residents of a tidier house were more active and in better general health. Also, clutter can lead you to have a more negative perception of your home which can affect your overall happiness.

Another con of a cluttered environment is the increase in dust and allergens. This can cause breathing issues. Also, having more clutter in your house or business increases the chance of mold and other fungi to develop from boxes, water containers, vases, and unused clothes that are left to sit for long periods of time.

Less Efficient and Productive

Having a clean and organized area to work and live frees up your time so you can spend the time doing the things you want to do. Think about all the time you spend going through old boxes, putting them in a storage unit, or the added time it takes to clean around all the clutter in your house.

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