Why Towable Dumpsters?

So what makes a towable or trailer dumpster a better option than a roll off dumpster? We will answer this question in the article below and cover these topics.

  • Less Damage to the property
  • Easier to place dumpster in smaller area
  • Ease of use for the customer

Less Damage to The Property

One of the biggest areas of concern we have here at Tow Away Dumpster LLC is having the smallest impact on our customers lives as possible. How frustrated would you be if your dumpster rental company picked up the dumpster and there are 2 large ruts in your yard or even on your asphalt?

That’s why we use a towable trailer that has rubber tires. It is a dumpster fixed to a trailer frame. This makes it much easier for us to drive in a customer’s yard and not worry about tearing it up.

Roll off dumpsters have small metal wheels and have to be drug across the ground causing un-needed damage.

Easier to Place Dumpster in Smaller Area

If you spend enough time in Knoxville or any larger city you can run into issues where space is at a premium to say the least. Due to the large area needed to unload a roll off dumpster it can be very difficult to place it in the area the customer needs it to be.

Dumpster for rent

As mentioned above our towable dumpsters are on a trailer frame so we can easily back right up to where you need the dumpster. Also, we do not need the height clearance that is needed to lift the roll off dumpster into the air. We can easily fit under trees, next to a house or deck, or any other tight space.

Ease of Use for the Customer

We can place our dumpsters just about anywhere which means less work for our customers. Our towable dumpsters have doors on the back so you can easily load up a couch, landscape material, pallets, or any other heavy object. A roll off dumpster would require you to lift it over your head.

Landscape Material Delivery

In conclusion this all adds up to happier customers. Check us out here or if you would like to request more information please see our contact info below.

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